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Our design process in a nutshell

Codebreakers Tech's web designing team uses agile website design to reduce costs and timelines by half. Considering the experimental and collaborative philosophy that guides the strategies of an agile website, it is likely to succeed.

We take the time to understand your goals of your business since every website has a different purpose. The experts at our company take the time to learn about your brand, brand identity, and business needs before determining a strategy.The first step in developing your website is to meet with us. Then, we will coordinate our efforts to construct an outline of the project. Finally, we will establish project milestones, deadlines, and what we need from you to achieve your goals.

You can see how your vision comes to life as our team designs a free draft of your website. Then, using our design expertise, we create elements customized to your intended audience to facilitate your business's growth.After we finish the design work and you approve it, we send the final mockup to our development team. After that, your website will be built using the latest coding practices by our highly skilled developers.

Before launching your new site, our team will review and test it. We double-check and resolve any technical issues that may hinder a website's success.After checking all the quality and technical issues, we are officially ready for launch. You will be able to see your new website live seamlessly with the help of our team! In addition to being an important tool for your online presence, it also serves as a first impression; it can help you stand out from the crowd.





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Websites may significantly impact the business more than storefronts in this digital age. A website plays a critical role in generating leads and conducting digital marketing campaigns. Your website design will give your customers the first hint of how you'll treat them, so don't cut corners.

Your brand's offerings will be more credible and trustworthy if you invest in responsive website design. To maximize the efficiency of your business, Codebreakers Tech offers website design and hosting services. To increase your search engine rankings, increase your online exposure and convert visitors into paying customers, our website design company provides SEO-friendly and responsive web design services.

User experience is significantly improved by responsive web design. The responsive design of a website ensures that users get the same experience regardless of what screen size they are using. Users are provided with a great online experience by eliminating unnecessary elements on the page. You will gain a competitive edge by leveraging web design services, regardless of whether you're a business owner or a marketer.

Why we opt for mobile-first design, substantial reasons

In a time when going mobile is not a trend but a necessity, we focus on the mobile first design, also recommended by Google. Going mobile first also helps our UX designers to craft consistent user experience across every leading mobile device. We start working around the smaller screen move towards larger screens. And it makes sense because, with limited screen space on smaller screens, our UX designers prioritize the most crucial aspect of a website- the content.

It is imperative now to prepare for mobile-first indexing as Google will predominantly use the mobile version of a website for indexing and ranking.


6 design principles we follow

Our web design services deliver results and drive leads for your business. Our years of experience in website designing have taught us that the following ingredients are vital to building a superior website.

Beauty and functionality Go Hand in Hand:

A Simple and Easy Design to Maintain

Compelling Call to Action

Easily Accessible Information

Creating a Responsive Design

Web Design That Optimizes for SEO

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