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Software On-Demand. How we do it?

The modern visitor expects an easy-to-use website with seamless functionality. There is simply no way to settle for a substandard website. Slow loading times, confusing navigation, and outdated UX will make users turn away from your website.

Anyone can build a web application with several companies. But, rarely does a team create an asset that leads to game-changing success. Having been creating cutting-edge solutions for over a decade, we have refined our design and development process. As a company specializing in web application development, we understand your needs.

Being on top of your business goals and needs is a constant challenge. Regardless of whether you are a local business or a national brand, our web application development services will meet and exceed your expectations. With our team working alongside yours throughout the process, we build fast, secure, easy-to-maintain, and rock-solid applications.

An offline or online progressive web application is that which is adaptable, responsive, intuitive, and highly scalable. We use a few front-end and back-end technologies: angular, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, React, Vue.js, AngularJS, ASP.net, and Django. Moreover, we can assist with converting to a cloud-based architecture or modernizing older architectures.

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Backend development: ‘Behind-the-scenes’ functionality of web applications

With our back-end web developers, you can easily navigate between different features and make your application scalable. AWS and Azure clouds host our back-end services, as well as we use SQL and NoSQL databases to store and retrieve the data.

In web application development and designing, we use technologies and frameworks such as Node.js, PHP, Django, ASP.Net, and ASP.NET that ensure consistency and prevent server and core problems.

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Front-end development: Clean scripting and a delightful UX

By utilizing advanced Front-end technologies like React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js, Codebreakers Tech delivers component-driven architectures. As a web application development company, Codebreakers Tech provides unique Ul designs with high functionality.

As well as, HTML5 and NET Core are used in the front end. Azure, SQL Server, and Web APIs are just a few of our technologies.

Since visualizing a finished web app can be daunting, we'll create a prototype at the beginning of the project that will be updated as we go. This way, our clients and other stakeholders can identify errors in design or functionality as they progress through the web application development process.

Front-end development

How we secure your web your application: No half measures


Web applications can be vulnerable to security vulnerabilities, leading to source code manipulation, unauthorized access, data theft, or disruptions of operations. Hence, listed below are a few of the most common attack vectors we help you with to make your web application secure.

SQL Injection

An attacker compromises the database's security by exploiting SQL vulnerabilities in how a database performs searches. Attackers use it to steal sensitive information, manipulate or delete user permissions, or access unauthorized information.

Additionally, attackers use malicious SQL code to manipulate back-end databases. It is possible to list data without authorization, drop tables without authorization, and have unauthorized access to the administrative area.

Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

In addition to injecting client-side scripts into webpages, attackers can also impersonate users or trick them into disclosing information by exploiting XSS vulnerabilities. An application-targeted attack. By injecting Trojans, changing page content, or taking control of user accounts, it is possible to deface or fool a website.

Stored XSS can also allow malicious code to enter applications persistently.XSS is the reflection of malicious scripts onto a user's browser.

Remote File Inclusion

A web application server can be injected with files remotely. The consequent result is the execution of malicious scripts and code in applications, the compromise of the web server, and the theft of data.

Cross-site Request Forgery

During an attack, funds can be transferred, passwords can be changed, or data can be stolen. A user's browser can be unknowingly manipulated by an attacker leveraging an open session on a website.

Safest coding techniques and input sanitization mitigate major vulnerabilities. But this isn't enough. To identify and fix vulnerable code early in the web application development, security testing should be performed at every stage.

  • Ingress traffic filtering
  • Bad Bot Protection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Access Control (2FA)
  • Encrypting URL parameters
  • SSL secured
Our security solutions
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How we carry out scalable and resilient web-based application development

HTTP load balancer

It is important to load balance several applications in order to maximize resource utilization, ensure maximum throughput, and insure fault tolerance.

Network load balancing distributes network traffic evenly between multiple resources to prevent overuse of a single resource. Websites, databases, and applications perform better with this strategy. Moreover, it facilitates the accurate and timely processing of user requests.


Zones are areas within a region that are isolated from one another. Networks with high-speed and low-latency connect these zones to other zones within the same region.


We are responsible for configuring and installing these instances, just as we are for physical servers.

Instance template

A template object can contain several properties, such as a type of machine, a disk image or container image, a label, a startup script, and other instance properties. Unlike zone or region resources, instance templates are global resources. Instance templates contain zonal resources, which restrict the template to the zone where they are located.

Additionally, it is possible to create managed instance groups (MIGs) and virtual machine instances (VMs) with the help of an instance template.


A cloud autoscaler maximizes elasticity to reduce management expenses. As well as adding or removing resources, it does not require continuous monitoring of the system's performance.

Additionally adding or removing instances of a resource is possible through horizontal scaling. Provisioning new resources does not interrupt the application's operation. Upon completion of the provisioning process, additional resources are automatically deployed. They can be shut down and reallocated in case demand declines.

Cloud storage

It is possible to meet an organization's or individual's data storage needs with storage systems that are scalable, accessible from any location, and compatible with every device and application. The enterprise storage solution provides businesses with a remote backup solution supported by a commercial provider in addition to personal storage systems to store and back up emails, photos, videos, and other personal data.This also makes it possible to share or transfer data files securely among multiple locations.

The process is defined as a sequence of steps. When followed, it helps to achieve a goal. We consider it - the art of thinking through.

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