How we take your iOS
app idea to the next level

Finding a team of developers who can map out your market and dig into your business ecosystem is essential. A team who will analyze your customers' needs and recreate their journeys to gain a better understanding of them. Codebreakers Tech mobile technology experts will develop a customized strategy for your business, unlocking its full potential.

As a full-cycle company, we develop, integrate, test, maintain, and manage applications.

Our digital partners will bring your business as close to your customers as the fingerprints on their iOS devices, whether you have a new idea or a ready-made product. We do our best to provide end-to-end iPhone app development solution to businesses worldwide. You can count on us to provide an App Store-ready product that is scalable, thoroughly tested, and market-ready.

We have developed award-winning mobile applications for millions of users with the help of our UX/UI designers and engineers for over a decade. Your iPhone app development can now be accelerated by leveraging this experience.

  • Clutch
  • Deloitte
  • Upwork
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App Design

& user interface

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Leveraging our design thinking process, we improved the mobile app interface for CitiBank, to enhance online engagement.

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streaming app

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AI technology creates a unique video streaming app with a fantastic user experience. Designed for those who want high-quality video streaming.

 opening Clinic mangment
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& video consultation

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A clinic management app we designed and developed in Australia connects nurses with doctors. The system manages patient records, schedules appointments, and generates reports.

A grocery delivery and recipe sharing app, helping users to get groceries at their doorstep and cook delicious dishes
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App for buyers

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A new way for customers to get groceries delivered to their doorstep and cook delicious dishes. It provides a convenient way for people to save time by getting groceries delivered to their doorstep.

Technology choices for iOS development

Codebreakers Tech is your one-stop service provider for the iPhone app development, iOS smart device applications, and Apple wearable applications. Keeping up with Apple requirements and standards and constantly updating iOS features has always been one of our designers' and engineers' strengths.

Following trends, staying on top of novelties, and utilizing high-end technology are some of our priorities. We remain committed to building our applications with reliable and efficient tools. Your iPhone app will be built using a secure, reliable, and performance-enhancing technology stack with our iOS app development services.

Objective C

Our custom iOS app development process


Mobile applications are essential for any business, no matter how big or small. Developing a mobile application will help you build loyalty, expand your social reach, and provide highly satisfactory customer service. During our consultation, we go over every detail of your requirement to understand your business objectives better.

This ensures that the iPhone app development will suit the needs of your business and will help you achieve your goals. You can make informed decisions based on our in-depth analysis of your project's requirements, target users, and software lifecycle. Then, develop prototypes and test them. Because of this, we get a great understanding of how to create apps for you. In other words, we provide you with more than just an app; but also help you market and brand your business.


In order to launch your business idea as an iPhone app, you need to create a product that is marketable and practical. To effectively explain requirements to our programming team, our business analysts define them correctly.

To ensure the development process is successful, we ensure the software solution's visual model is as accurate as possible. As part of the iPhone app development process, security requirements are assessed, software development costs are estimated, databases are managed, cloud solutions are integrated, and hardware and software integration are performed.


Using the latest market trends and user expectations, we design iOS apps that provide seamless experiences. We can develop the perfect iOS UI/UX design for your iOS app based on the branding of your brand, providing a great user experience. Developing a great and intuitive interface is essential to retaining multiple users and occupying the top-tier position on the mobile app market. Your product can be made memorable for any user who interacts with it by the Codebreakers Tech design team.


We deliver quality code, timely delivery, and good app store standing when you work with our architects, engineers, and managers. With Codebreakers Tech, a team of objective-C, swift, Flutter, and Xcode developers, we are able to develop an app with a seamless interface and deliver high-end coding for the best user experience. In addition to ensuring high performance, the developers provide that the application takes advantage of the iPhone and iPad's capabilities.

Testing, QA & Launch

We test your product on real environments, devices, and actual usage data for improvements, optimization, and scale-up. You will launch your app into your platform's respective marketplace once it has passed the QA process. iOS app development would not be complete without the QA process. This way, you can be assured that the app is free of bugs and reliable for the general public.

Three phases make up the quality assurance process: exploratory testing, functional testing, and deployment to production. During exploratory testing, testers use your app and interact with it in various ways to discover how it works. Afterward, you will run a series of test cases against your app to test its functionality. This is followed by a production deployment, which involves releasing your app on the respective marketplace for the general public to use.


Our team will carefully consider your needs and make the necessary changes to your iPhone or iPad solution if it needs an upgrade. By choosing our iPhone app development services, you'll be able to rest assured that your app will be built on a technology stack that guarantees security, consistency, and scalability.

Additionally, we provide maintenance services for the iOS apps we have developed. As a result, maintenance costs are reduced significantly. We ensure our clients' smooth application maintenance and support by combining a robust framework and experienced engineers with industry-leading tools.

Our engagement


Dedicated hiring

Have a large project in hand? Need a team for ongoing work under your control? Dedicated hiring is best for you then. Monthly pay as you go. Get access to the best iOS app developers in the industry.

  • 8 Hours daily billing
  • An exhaustive pool of developers with 4+ Years of experience
  • Get a dedicated account manager
  • Seamlessly communicate with Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack
  • Authorized Source Code
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your application performance

Time & material based hiring

If your project scope is not defined, we recommend you going for the Time and Materials based model. You get to hire iPhone app developers for the hours you need, based on your requirement.

  • Hire best app developers for the hours you need
  • An exhaustive pool of developers with 4+ Years of experience
  • Seamlessly communicate with Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack
  • Authorized Source Code
  • Get complete control over your project development
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your application performance

Fixed price model

If your project scope is defined, you can go for a fixed pricing model. As you send your requirements, we will create a time break up with our proposal based on the features.

  • Hire a complete team of people you need
  • Dedicated project managers
  • An experienced pool of designers, architects, & developers
  • You can pay in milestones
  • Defined time for your project completion
  • You can do Change request with additional costs
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your application performance