Why us for developing ERP Software Development

Providing excellent ERP software development services in line with your business needs is what we do as an ERP software development company. Regardless of the size of the company, any system, and any mobile or web platform, we can develop software for you.

Retail, manufacturing, finance, and distribution are just a few of the business domains Codebreakers Tech ERP excels at building solutions for. Using our ERP software development expertise, we can integrate extensive functionality into one platform, bringing your management processes to a new level.

We will help you increase your company's digital environment by developing enterprise resource planning software. To meet customer needs, we have ERP engineers, quality assurance testers, project managers, and IT consultants on our team. To create the right resource planning ERP system for you, we take the time to understand your business processes, thanks to our heterogeneous team.

A number of complex ERP development projects have been completed by our ERP developers, including building the entire system from scratch, integrating it with legacy applications, and developing HR and payroll management applications.

Your business can benefit from our ERP development services no matter what its needs are. Codebreakers Tech can provide you with the best professionals you can hire to help you develop an ERP system. With our team of experienced and highly skilled tech talent, you will benefit from their expertise and experience.

  • Our Custom ERP Solutions

  • ERP System (cloud, mobile, desktop)
  • CRM Software
  • Human Resources Software
  • Manufacturing Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Supply Chain Management Software
  • Business Applications
  • Governmental Resource Planning Software
  • Enterprise Appliance Transaction Modules
  • Custom-integration Solutions

Technology choices for ERP Software Development

Enterprise resource management software systems are the most popular tools for managing enterprise resources. Streamlining internal business processes and bringing transparency to business operations are just a few ways they can help. Hence, you can reap these benefits and stay ahead of the competition with the help of an ERP software development company. We at Codebreakers Tech use the following technologies to develop the best-featured ERP system for you:

ASP .Net
Visual Studio
VS Code

Our ERP Software Development process


From understanding your concept to doing the market analysis to requirement gathering, we dig through everything in our kickoff meeting. We, as a top erp developers team, would identify your industry competition and craft the UI prototyping to proceed further in the funnel.


Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive analysis that serves as the foundation for the project. Starting from identifying your USP, wireframing, technical feasibility analysis to distinguishing your revenue model, we plan the basic strategy right to ensure impressive visuals.


From sketching low fidelity wireframes to visualizing high-fidelity manifestations, we apply human-centered design based on the UI/UX designs to design your software that delights users and hooks them. We call it habit-forming technology and that’s what differentiates us.


For us, development starts as your idea matures in the conceptual stages. Our team of certified developers starts coding based on the functionalities, assumptions, and final screen designs. We follow Agile methodology for a delightful and stunning experience.

Testing, QA & Launch

To confirm there are no bugs or gaps, all code goes through a final smoke test before launch. Doing this early in the development cycle makes the software less complex considering the issue that might come in usability, security, compatibility, and performance for every sprint/milestone.


Post-launch, our work is not over. We are in constant touch to understand the software’s performance, feedback, and if any updates are required. Cleaning, upgrading, and making sure it engages the user for longer comes under our maintenance audit along with Routine traffic and server load optimization.

Industries we excel in

Our ERP software development processes are built with the intention that will retain the attention of your target audience. And increase the number of customers that will leave a long-term impression on the business and develop a relationship with the product. Hence, industry is no bar for us as we understand the basics and complexities both.

Service Industry and
Wholesale Distribution and
Transportation and
Healthcare and
Finance and
Education Sectors
Government and
Private Sectors
Media and
Wood Industry and
other Businesses

Engagement Models

Our goal is to present the best-in-class team engagement model that aligns with your requirement architecture that brings efficiency and a long-lasting value.

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When the scope, requirements, and specifications are not well-defined, you can hire ERP software developers based on the T&M based model.
When the scope is clear, and you need complete control over the priorities, dedicated hiring is for you. Flexibility is yours.


They performed flawlessly.

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They deliver a high-quality product and build positive working relationships.

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They’re committed to delivering good quality.

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